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30 stems of colorful fancy tulips | Grown in California

When trying to come up with a name for this bouquet we thought of things like Our Favorite Bouquet Ever, Fancy Pants, and So Fancy. Then we realized that the name doesn't matter as much as the fact that we are hand wrapping our largest bouquet (ever) of Fancy Tulips.

Fancy tulips are truly delightful to watch open. The fringed petals are full of charisma and will have you in awe as they slowly open and unfurl. Each bouquet will contain a unique assortment of seasonal fancy varieties. Please note that the photo is a representation of fancy varieties but the exact bouquet you receive will differ depending upon which varieties are in season at the time of your order. 

Don't forget to add the Chocolate Truffles! Locally sourced through Humboldt County's very own, Old Town Coffee and Chocolates. 

Origin of Fancy Tulips

  • Fringe Tulips were developed by one of the modern masters of tulip breeding, Geert Hageman. While Tulips with fringe have been around for several years, the new varieties we grow stand out as dramatically better tulips for commercial flower farming, as opposed to typical “garden variety” tulips. Rumor has it, that to achieve these impressive results, Mr. Hageman took older heirloom varieties of fringed tulips, and crossed them with newer varieties, creating an exceptional class of beautiful crispa tulips.
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