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Nestled amongst California’s giant redwoods, in the foggy town of Arcata, we are creating 365 days of Spring with sustainably grown flowers! Our farm got its start when our head grower was searching for the perfect location to grow premium Tulips. The remote, coastal town has a year-round average temperature of 55° which allows our blooms to grow slowly- producing strong stems and deep green foliage.

Of course, growing beautiful flowers year-round takes more than the perfect weather conditions. We alternate between northern and southern hemisphere bulbs. Using state of the art techniques to trick the bulbs into thinking it is Spring allows the farm to grow vibrant blooms 365 days a year!

So, whether you send a bunch of our standard, fringed, parrot, or French tulips, you can be sure that you are purchasing the highest quality flowers available.

What Makes Our Flowers the Best?
  • Soil Grown
  • Stronger stems
  • Longer vase life
  • California Grown
  • Unique varieties
  • Large, vibrant heads
  • Shipped directly from our farm to your door


The Story Behind our name: 

The Stargazer Lily was originally bred on our farm in 1974, so when we decided to start selling our bouquets online, it made perfect sense to include the iconic bloom in our name. The Barn portion of our moniker comes from an old Redwood barn that has stood on our farm since long before we began growing on the land. One of our founding team members used to use the old barn as a photo studio and nicknamed it, Stargazer Barn the name stuck and as they say, the rest is history!


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